Wealthy Affiliate Review (For 2022) – What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About?


What is Wealthy Affiliate all about? How does it work?

And can you really make money with it?

In this brutally honest Wealthy Affiliate review (which has just been updated for 2022) you’ll learn everything you need to know, including the Wealthy Affiliate complaints.

Plus, if you decide you want to try Wealthy Affiliate after reading it, I’ll share with you a free bonus that’ll help you massively fast-track your success.

Sound good?

Let’s dive in.

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is the world’s largest, longest-running & most respected affiliate marketing platform in the world.

They provide the training, tools & support (basically everything you need) to begin earning money through a method known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing basically involves you promoting products or services for third-party companies (such as Amazon) in return for commissions which are paid on successful sales.

So as an example, you could become an affiliate of Amazon (which is free to do), send people to their products & if they happen to purchase them, you get paid.

Here’s a screenshot of Amazon’s affiliate program, named Amazon Associates:

Amazon Associates

As you can see the program is titled “Profit from Amazon” and it states that you can earn up to a whopping 12% in commissions by promoting their products.

Pretty cool, right?

But Amazon isn’t the only place that has an affiliate program. Nowadays pretty much every company that has an online presence has an affiliate program in one form or another.

This means that you can pretty much promote just about any product or service you can think of.

But whilst affiliate marketing is pretty simple, whether or not you find success with it depends on how effectively you’re able to promote the products or services.

And that’s what Wealthy Affiliate is there to help with.

Wealthy Affiliate explains how affiliate marketing works (in more detail), shows you how you can find affiliate programs & provides you with everything you need to run effective promotions.

Basically, it helps you make money.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

As touched on in the previous section of this Wealthy Affiliate review, Wealthy Affiliate enables you to earn money through a method known as affiliate marketing.

And it primarily focuses on a method known as search engine optimisation.

You see, there are actually many different ways to promote products as an affiliate & earn money.

Some methods involve using paid advertising in which you pay to advertise the things you’re promoting, other methods rely on using social media, etc.

But search engine optimisation is my personal favourite method & the reason I say that is because not only is it pretty easy for anybody to do, but it’s also free.

And I like free.

Search engine optimisation basically involves leveraging search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing to get unlimited amounts of free visitors through to your affiliate links.

You see, when you create content online, search engines like Google automatically discover it & display it as an option within their results for people to click on.

So as an example, if you had an interest in cycling you could create a small webpage through Wealthy Affiliate listing what you believed to be the best cycling backpacks.

Then, whenever somebody searched for something related to “cycling backpacks” in Google, the page you’d created would be shown in the results as an option for them to click on.

Here’s an example:

Cycling Search Results Example

This means that you’d then start getting visitors coming through to that page.

More importantly, you’d start getting visitors interested in cycling backpacks.

And so this then gives you the opportunity to promote products to them as an affiliate in order to earn money, which is exactly what the creator of the page shown in the example above has done.

Take a look:

Cycling Backpack Affiliate Links

As you can see from the image above, next to each of the backpacks listed on that page the creator of it has added affiliate links taking the visitor to the product page on Amazon.

If they click that link & buy something, the person who created that page will get paid a commission – all from a simple one-time effort of creating the page.

And those commissions could keep coming in for many years to come.

But the best part about this method is that there’s absolutely no limit to the amount of these pages that you can create.

The more you create, the more money you stand to earn, and that’s how some affiliates are able to earn as much as 5 or even 6-figures per month by doing this.

Amazon Earnings Example

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Yes, absolutely. Wealthy Affiliate has actually been in business for over 15 years & has over 1,4000,000+ members from 193 countries all around the world.

Wealthy Affiliate Statistics

And the method of affiliate marketing which they teach is perfectly legitimate & legal too.

You’re simply advertising products on behalf of companies & there’s nothing shady about that, which is why so many big-name brands (like Amazon) have affiliate programs.

Plus, Wealthy Affiliate even offers a completely free Starter membership which enables you to get inside & check it all out. You don’t have to pay anything upfront.

And there are no payment details required either, meaning it’s totally risk-free. No trial that you have to remember to cancel or anything like that. Free means free.

As a Starter member, you’ll be able to work through the first 10 lessons, begin building out your first website & get full access to the community.

Then, if you decide you like it you can opt to upgrade to the Premium membership which gives you access to absolutely everything inside of the platform.

The good news is that there are no upsells after Premium, and if you decide you wish to cancel it can be done so at any time with a simple click from your account settings.

So it’s safe to say that Wealthy Affiliate is honest, transparent & upfront.

And definitely legit.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

As mentioned in the previous section of this Wealthy Affiliate review, joining Wealthy Affiliate is completely free.

You can create a free Starter account to get inside the platform which will give you access to the first 10 lessons, access to the community & the ability to begin building out your first website.

Then, if you decide you like it you can upgrade to Premium.

Premium membership gives you access to absolutely everything there is to offer inside of the platform & it costs only $49 per month, with the option to cancel anytime.

And you can even bring that cost down further by paying for a full year of membership in advance which gives you access to a pretty big discount off the cost.

But don’t be fooled into thinking cheap membership means low-quality training or tools because Wealthy Affiliate actually provides some of the best training & tools in the industry.

Just take a look at how their web-hosting alone compares with that of their competitors:

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting Comparison

And that’s just their hosting – their other training & tools follow suit too (and is all included in with the same price of Premium membership).

I literally don’t know of any other place where you could get all of what Wealthy Affiliate provides at the same or a lower cost… I don’t think it would even be possible.

It’s definitely good (great) value for money.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

There are literally thousands upon thousands of success stories inside of the Wealthy Affiliate platform & that’s no exaggeration.

Obviously it would be unrealistic for me to list to them all here, but to highlight the kind of success people are seeing, here’s a handful of the many:

And if you’d like to continue reading more, you can feel free to do so right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

If I said everything about Wealthy Affiliate was perfect I’d be lying, and I don’t like telling lies.

The truth is that I actually have some Wealthy Affiliate complaints & I figured I’d give you the full picture by including them here in this Wealthy Affiliate review.

First of all, there are the rank chasers.

You see, Wealthy Affiliate has an internal ranking system on which members are given a rank inside of the platform based on things like their level of activity, etc.

The rankings have absolutely no effect on people’s businesses or income, but regardless people still end up getting totally obsessed with increasing their rank.

In fact, some people get so obsessed with it that they forget about building their business altogether. They just hang around the platform all day being active.

Initially, this might not seem like such a problem, but it results in “spam” or useless comments being posted for the sake of trying to increase rank, or worse, sometimes even bad advice.

For example, when people ask a question it’s common to see others replying with things like “I don’t know the answer, wish I did“, and it gets super annoying.

Especially because you get email notifications for answers to your questions, meaning you take a minute to log into Wealthy Affiliate only to find out somebody has left a BS answer, thus wasting your time.

But it also sometimes leads to people leaving real answers to things they actually know nothing about, thus resulting in bad advice, and bad advice is never good.

On top of that, however, there’s also the poor search function.

Wealthy Affiliate has a LOT of training, and I really do mean a lot. There are thousands upon thousands of training videos & tutorials inside of the platform.

The problem, however, is that the search facility isn’t the greatest, meaning it can be a problem finding the training you want, or training you want that’s actually up to date.

A little improvement in the search facility would go a long way, in my opinion.

Other than that though, my only complaints would be little niggles with the platform, nothing major… So it’s safe to say that the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

The Bottom Line

Wealthy Affiliate, in my opinion, is hands-down the best affiliate marketing platform in the world & as far as I’m concerned it provides the best value for money.

Most of the other affiliate platforms charge hundreds (often even thousands) of dollars for the training & still offer nowhere near the value that Wealthy Affiliate does.

Plus, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with literally everything you need to get started, too.

Many of the other programs only provide training & then leave you to discover that you need to purchase multiple other things in order to actually get started.

And on top of all that it also gives you access to 24/7 support, so if ever you find yourself stuck with something you can ask the question & have it answered within minutes.

So if you want to get started with affiliate marketing, or if you’d tried it before but not been able to find success, then my advice would be for you to give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

As mentioned further up in this Wealthy Affiliate review you can create a completely free Starter account to try it out & there’s absolutely no risk whatsoever.

Free Fast-Track Bonus

If you want to earn money with affiliate marketing, you want to do it as quickly as possible, right?

It’s human nature.

So here’s a deal for you – if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

You see, I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate & I’m also a participant in their affiliate program.

This means that if you join Wealthy Affiliate via my referral link & go Premium, then at absolutely no expense to you, I’ll get paid a commission.

So if you join via my link, then in return I’ll give you a free bonus. I’ll offer you my personal 1-on-1 mentorship to help you get things rolling as quickly as possible.

I’ll show you all of the tips & tricks that I’ve learned over the years to help you accelerate your success.

Sound good?

All you need to do is create your free Starter account here, then when you’re ready to take advantage of my help, go Premium.

As soon as you’ve signed up & completed your profile (so that I can see you’re a real person) I’ll reach out to you with a message on your profile outlining the next steps.

Be sure to look out for it.

And here’s the direct link to my own personal Wealthy Affiliate profile, just in case you want to ask me any questions first:

My Wealthy Affiliate Profile

Wealthy Affiliate FAQ

Still, got some more questions that I haven’t covered in my Wealthy Affiliate review above? No problem, here are the answers to the questions I most commonly get asked:

Is Wealthy Affiliate Free?

You can get started with Wealthy Affiliate & try it out for free, but if you’re serious about pursuing affiliate marketing then realistically you’d need to purchase the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership which costs $49/mo.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Make You Money?

No. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the training, tools & support in order to make money through affiliate marketing, but it does not make money for you on your behalf.

Is Wealthy Affiliate MLM?

No. Wealthy Affiliate does have a referral program through which you can earn money by referring new members but commissions are only paid out for direct referrals, not on multiple levels like in MLM.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Outdated?

The core training inside of Wealthy Affiliate is regularly updated & each module has a “request update” button which you can press if something needs to be updated. Some member-produced training is outdated, but as a whole, the training & methods taught still work to this very day.

Can You Make Money on Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes. Alongside doing affiliate marketing you can also make money on Wealthy Affiliate by doing small tasks, such as leaving comments on other members websites. However, this should just be seen as “extra money” and should not be relied upon as a source of income.

Is It Free To Be An Amazon Affiliate?

Yes, becoming an Amazon affiliate is completely free of charge. No company should ever charge you to become an affiliate since you’re helping them generate sales.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme?

No. Wealthy Affiliate does indeed have a referral program through which you can earn money by referring others, but it only pays out commissions for direct referrals. Pyramid schemes (hence the name) involve money being paid out across multiple levels.

How Much Can Amazon Affiliates Make?

There’s no limit on the amount you can earn as an Amazon affiliate, it simply depends on how hard you’re willing to work. Some Amazon affiliates earning nothing at all, others earn tens of thousands each month. It’s dependant on your efforts.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

No. Wealthy Affiliate offers training & tools that enable people to earn money through affiliate marketing which involves advertising products for companies online. It’s perfectly legitimate.

More Questions?

No problem, leave them in the comments section below & I’ll answer them as quickly as I can. You can also contact me directly via Wealthy Affiliate here.

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